Monday, November 17, 2008

A Wondorous Weekend

Here we are waiting for Sunny to try on a few more clothes. It's a good thing we are all used to Sunny trying on everything 2 or 3 times and then not buying much.

Macy's is ready for Christmas. There were not that many people in the stores and we had a good time looking at everything.

Delores and I enjoyed soaking up a few rays while the girls were checking out other things. I miss Delores so bad that I enjoy all the minutes I can get!

A big parade just for our enjoyment. There were alot of people watching the parade.

Here's Sunny, Stephanie and Delores watching the parade. Actually, we were waiting for the stores to open. They had us trapped.
After Shopping and Lunch we picked up Gary and went to Sunny's to pick up Sue to see her new house and head for the Crab Cooker. First we had to check out Sunny and Tom's Wii Fit. We all really enjoyed it; especially after Gary weighed in.
Sunday we went to Jennifer and Brent's house to check out Lilly. I don't know why I don't have pictures of Lilly. She is such a good baby and really a pretty baby too. We took the almost short cut to Palm Springs and drove around to find a restaurant that was closed. Our second option turned out great though and so once again we ate!!!
I left early Monday morning and made it home without hitting much traffic. It was a wondorous Weekend. I loved it!!!!


SarahMarie said...

So looks likes fun and I so wish I could have been there. Thank you for being there for me as much as you have been lately. I love having you around and you are a blessing to me. Next I will be with you on your trips.

Allison said...

you need to update your bloggity blog.