Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Ever Home Football Game at BDHS

Here we are on the almost green football field. After planting the lawn at least 10 times the grass is starting to grow. The cheerleaders were in great form and the football team has won every game this season. Much better than last year's 0 wins. All the rest of the games will be held at Beaver Dam!!!

Here's Steve. Even after a busy Professional Development day he had to cheer on the cheerleaders and the team plus take in a few rays of sunshine!

Here's Sarah with a few of her fans. To make a few extra bucks for the team, they offered face painting up near the high school. I didn't venture up on the hill, but they also sold hamburgers, soda and water. Let's hope they made a few dollars since they had to rent a bleacher from the Mesquite play center.

Notice those wonderful goal posts! Mr. Frei spent many hours starting at 4AM to get them in place. Notice how busy the surrounding area is. I'm sure there weren't any neighbors complaining about the noisy football game.

All in all it was a great game and a nice afternoon to enjoy a football game! Almost as good as when Bryan played football or Sunny was cheerleading!


SarahMarie said...

I love the post. The game was a lot of fun and I am so glad we finally have a football field. The whole cheerleading coach idea has been rolling around in my head all weekend.

steveandsteph said...

Good times! I promise I will venture up there next time. Let's hope it will be a few degrees cooler too.

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

This reminds me of my cheerleading days with you standing on the sidelines. Good job on the new blog. Anyways, Happy Birthday!!! Check out my blog for your birthday shout out.

Allison said...

Go Beaver Dam!