Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Terriffic Weekend!!

Three great friends at breakfast. We started our morning at Village Pancake House. A great breakfast to start our busy day!
Our first stop was RC Willey Furniture Store. Dott was looking for a breakfast set; Karla was looking for a new bed and I was looking for end tables. We couldn't find anything we really liked for the money.
Next we went to Gardner's Village and checked out everything from furniture to dishes and Christmas. Of course we had to eat again!! Karla found some nice dishes; I found some October decorations and a Christmas candle holder and Dott found a snow globe and a kitchen breakfast set. It was a good deal and we couldn't pass it up even though it meant we would have to put it together ourselves. Here's Dott on the loading ramp waiting to finish the load: a table, 4 chairs and a bench.

Sunday we all went to Tremonton for the blessing of cutie pie Seth. He is such a good boy. He doesn't care who has him he's up for all of it. As you can see, he doesn't have the look of a tiny new born. I think Carter and Mason will have to get ready for Seth.

Here we are in Allison's cute living room. She and her mom look so much alike right now it's funny.
And here's Grandma Care with Seth. All the rest of the kids were busy playing. Bryan's house is great for separation of kids and adults. All the kids were super good. I was nervous because of the moats in the front yard from the garage footings but the kids didn't even give them a second glance.
Here is the four generation picture of Stickneys. It is nice that Grandpa still feels good enough to attend all the parties.
Here's Bryan with grandpa. Don't they both look like the party animals? How about the Bryan haircut? Hair or no hair he did a great job of blessing his newest. I was so proud of him!
And here's Randy and Bryan hanging out on the front porch. I think Bryan got his fashion hair cut from Randy. It makes me mad that they get it so easy. Actually, it is a much better hair cut than Bryan's snowboarding picture that makes him look like a convict. I'm just jealous.

All in all it was a completley fantastic weekend!!!!


Allison said...

Great blog!!! It was a great weekend I was just sad we couldn't spend more time together!!! I can't wait untill we can do these visits more often and longer!!! We just love you so much! I hope you know it. You are a great grandma! We love you so much!!! Did I say that already??? Can't wait to see you again!!!

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

We are looking forward to the Al Rounds open house! See you then!

steveandsteph said...

Busy weekends are the best! Especially when you are able to give school not a single one of your thoughts! P.S. This blog is looking more awesome everytime I come!

SarahMarie said...

I love having busy weekends. They keep me from worrying about the week that is coming. I am hoping this weekend will be busy for me too. You are getting better at this blog thing than I am. I just need to take more pictures.