Sunday, August 31, 2008

OK I've been tagged

Here I am sitting outside next to a few of the birdhouses I've made. I'd rather be outside than anywhere! Here is my bedroom; note the papers on the nightstand, (I'm reading Tom's newest novel script!) and the suitcase to the side of the bed ( unpacking from Phoenix and packing for Tremonton) I have a very comfortable bed!
This is one of my closets. I just got back from Phoenix and I'm packing for next weekends trip to Tremonton for the blessing of Seth. I live out of a suitcase.
The kitchen sink doesn't look so bad since I ate out at the Bear Paw this morning and have only been home a few hours!
The fridge is full of I don't know what. Like I said, I haven't been home. Nancy, Dan and Brian are fending for themselves so I hope they know what's in here.
The washroom is a pretty busy place in my house. I love the lizards on the wall and on the door pulls. We have lots of lizards in St. George.
The master bath is Nancy's. I do use the jet tub on occasion but I like my bathroom just fine.
Cute Shoes!!!! I used to like a heel on my shoes but I find I can move faster in flats and I love the red color!
My favorite room is the downstairs tv room! I love my baskets above and my Al Rounds paintings on the walls.
My favorite place in my house is on the balcony. The view is great and it is outside! I'm excited it is cooling down so I can enjoy being outside again.
My favorite vacation spot is anywhere and anytime that I can be there to spend time and help my family and friends. Hopefully I will get increasing amounts of vacation time. Like my brother says, "We want to spend retirement going about doing good!"

So now I guess I pass on the tag to Sarah Stauber and Erika Reyes!


steveandsteph said...

What a great sport you are Carolyn to get this post up! It is so fun and revealing to see the answers to these "picture questions"! Even though I've been in your house a time or two, it is fun to see your favorite spots and what you love most! P.S. I love your playlist:)

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

The balcony looks so cute with the curtains. Do they help with the sun? I also love your red shoes! I havent seen those ones. And your garden and bird houses look very cute.

Allison said...

That was fun!!! I need to get my tag from Sunny done. I've been a little busy.....3 little boys and all.....seriously, where does the time go. I'm so excited to see you this weekend. I got your messages and just have not had a second to call you back. I just wanted to chat so I'll call you another time.

SarahMarie said...

Well I did my tag. I hope it looks good. I love the balcony and the downstairs too. It is so much fun to do this tag and yesterday was loads of fun too.

Allison said...

I forgot to add that my favorite room in your house is MY room!!! Ahhh I love my bed at your house!!!