Sunday, August 17, 2008

House and Home

Check out the update on the house with the new color.
I need everyone's help! The problem is the crack in the wall. What do you think I can do besides start over??? I'm looking for any ideas.
Also before I left for Phoenix I made a quick trip to Tremonton to visit Seth. Everyone is doing great. Allison is feeling better; Carter is off to kindergarten, Mason is now 3 and Bryan is busy putting up a shed I bought for him. I think next time he may want to come with me when I pick something out. I hope it's done by my next visit.


Sunny and Tom Richins said...

Is this a question from the California Architect's Board Exam? I think the answer is 1)Determine the cause, 2)Stabilize the problem, then 3)Tear it down and start over..... Or what I would do is just add some mortar to the joints and call it good.

Sunny and Tom Richins said...

Its time for a new post, Mom. Take a look at my blog because you have been tagged! Give us a tour of your house.