Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Summer's Work

The summer has come to an end and I am ready to change from construction to the classroom. I don't think I have sweat this much in a long time. The air conditioner is not fixed in the rental even now but hopefully will be tomorrow! My great crew worked overtime to finish the house and now it is rented and ready to go.
The last few pictures are my attempt of landscapping my neighbor's yard. They are so cool to let me have a free rein on their yard!


Allison said...

You can have free reign of my yard anytime you want!!! I know Bryan would agree. I'm pretty sure your neighbors are so glad to have you living next door.

steveandsteph said...

Allison is absolutely right! We are the luckiest people on the planet to live next door to a gal who dreams about what to do with our yard and then executes the plan and finishes it in a matter of days! I have been wanting to do a post about my UNBELIEVABLE next door neighbor and her DESIRE to do our yard for awhile! I'm glad to see you've already taken some pictures. I will just steal these for my blog. I will try to figure out how to turn the pictures and get back with you. BTW, the rental looks AMAZING! What a great job you and your crew did!